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Weeks 4-8 - A Lot of Updates

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Hello! I have done a lot of stuff on this game, so for now I'll summarize here. My computer won't let me make anything high quality right now, so for the moment, GIFs it is!

This is the new texturing for our main character, Sam! From left to right, we have her a pose, her combat idle, and her full attack combo cycle. Texture-wise, I really want to figure out a way to have animated textures so she can blink and look angry when attacking.

The attacks are broken up here to return to the combat idle, so the programmers can use the blendspaces and animation blueprints in Unreal to get them to blend depending on the combos and attacks. Over the next week and a half before GDC, I'll be redoing a walk, run, idle, and small interactions with the environment.

This is an example of what the blob enemies I made look like in engine! Our tech artist did a very good job with the goo shader, and our animators have started doing a lot more recently, so the enemies are coming together well. I've been updating the rigs for the animators to make it as simple as possible, and things seem to be coming together!

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