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"This HURT. It was so well-written and just tugged at all of my heartstrings."

-Saringold, Archive of Our Own user

"god. holy shit. fuck. christ. jesus fucking. hell above. god. FUCK. i am incoherent. i am feral. i am crying. i'm lost. i'm. it's 12:30am and i clearly don't have the mental capacity for this right now. [...] this is so good. so good. god it's so good."

-TheGrammarHawk, Archive of Our Own user

"Holy shit your writing has gotten better and better [...] but this one is on a whole other level when it comes to just pure imagery and language."

-Liz, Archive of Our Own user

"This is easily one of the best [stories] I've read, and honestly just an amazing piece of writing in general. You have so much talent and such an ability to draw readers in [...] You're a fantastic writer and so talented and I'll honestly be there following for whatever you choose to write b/c it's gonna be amazing no matter what if this is any indication. Thank you so much!!"

-oh my god, Archive of Our Own user



This project was my final submission for a World Building workshop. The concept was developed through the combined efforts of Sara Calhoun, Debbie Churchill, and myself, but the story, characters, and text-based adventure were all created by me using Twine. It has several different endings depending on the choices you make!



This comic was completed for WEBTOON's 2022 Call to Action competition. The story, lineart and direction are all by me, with colors and some shadows and backgrounds done by a few art friends. WEBTOON formats encourage a vertical scrolling effect, so I worked hard to balance a fun story with the composition of a continuous image format.



Below is a collection of short stories written in the world of "The Contract Caveat", a fantasy world where Champions must fight against the "Deal Magic" that makes every contract magically enforceable. I have been writing this world's story since 2017, expanding it into a fully formed universe and making it the setting for two Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. I plan to pitch a script of it as a pilot for an adult animated TV show. "A Leap of Faith" is by far my favorite sample here.

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