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Week 7 - I want to die slightly less?

Yo! SO I feel somewhat less terrible, since I have my adorable darling kitten Torao now and got to hug my baby brother this weekend, and as a result I've gotten some of my motivation back! I didn't get much done, but I think I really needed the decompression. This week is gonna be difficult and I might fall a bit behind, since I'm gonna have Yom Kippur on Wednesday and I can't do any work at all during that.

Here's my updated shot list with my current progress. I can start dialogue stuff next week since I'll have everything by then. I'm also realizing I need to retime the animatic by week 8 to put the new audio timing in but I'm at a standstill with the animatic until I have all my audio.

Updated shot list

Here's my dialogue setup, so y'all have some proof I've been actually working.

Updated dialogue file

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