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Week 5 - Assorted updates

I'm starting to hit a bit of a block with the mouths, since I don't like how my mouth rig is going for either Kit or Leo. I think I might try modifying the blendshapes again, and asking for some help with cleaning up the rig. I don't want to start blocking things and then have to make major changes, and knowing myself, I'm fast enough to catch up this week, and I won't be able to enjoy the animation process if I don't like how the rig is working.

Things I've done this week! Studied lighting and the toon shader. I know I'm bad when it comes to lighting, so I watched a full Pluralsight course and a few demo videos on the Maya toon shader. Once I'm happier with my rigs, I'm gonna start playing with that stuff, which I'm very excited for!

Here's my main props, besides the paintings! They're partly textured, or just given materials. My plan for texturing is to be as flat and cartoony as possible. Again, a lot of this will be influenced by the toon shader.

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